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University on Saturdays: Human Rights under Pressure

"SamstagsUni" in English
U 340
CHF 63.00
Mirna Adjami, Human Rights Lawyer, Basel Institute on Governance
Ulrike Lühe, swisspeace / Swiss Peace Foundation
Sara Licci, Dr., Center for Social Law, ZHAW School of Management and Law

Single entry: regular CHF 25.00 / students CHF 10.00. Payable at the door.


The proclamation of human rights and their legal codification is one of the great achievements of the international community. Nevertheless, human rights have been and continue to be violated worldwide and on a daily basis.
The University on Saturdays focuses on human rights and the struggle to defend them and highlights selected aspects of the current debate. A recurring theme is the connection between human rights and corporate responsibility.

In cooperation with University of Basel

Sa., 25.04.2020

DR Congo & the Evolution of the Human Rights Movement
M. Adjami

Universität Basel, Kollegienhaus, Petersplatz 1, Basel
Sa., 09.05.2020

How can Corporate Actors contribute to Symbolic Reparations? Reflections from South Africa, Colombia and Germany
U. Lühe

Universität Basel, Kollegienhaus, Petersplatz 1, Basel
Sa., 16.05.2020

The Impact of International Labour Law on Swiss Jurisdiction and Companies
S. Licci

Universität Basel, Kollegienhaus, Petersplatz 1, Basel
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