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Understanding Basel

History, culture and politics of Basel
K 140 3065
CHF 76.00, incl. guided tour
Andrea Bollinger, Dr., City parliamentarian 2005-2017
max. 20

The guided tour through Basel will take place on
Saturday, September 12 from 13.00 until 14.00 h
Meeting point: courtyard, Rathaus Basel, Marktplatz

We shall trace Basel's way from independent city state to member of the Swiss Confederation. Why are there «two Basels»: Basel-City and Basel-Country? What happened in the Civil War? Where does the wealth of this medium sized town result from? You'll learn why Basel hosts so many world-renowned art collections. After dealing with these and other questions, we shall have a closer look at how the parliamentary system evolved and how the city functions politically today. The course will be rounded off with a tour to the Town Hall.

Guided Tour: Basel Town Hall, Marktplatz 9.

Der Kurs hat bereits begonnen.
Eine Anmeldung ist evtl. noch möglich – fragen Sie bei uns nach:
T 061 269 86 66 oder vhsbb@unibas.ch

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