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C1 Ireland in Word and Image

Suitable for C1/C2 learners as well as for native speakers.
S 405 0902
CHF 240.00
Darragh Gallagher, Dr.
max. 20
No textbook required, material will be provided in the course.

This course offers an introduction to the work of major Irish poets and artists of the twentieth century. We will discuss the work of various poets, including William Butler Yeats, Patrick Kavanagh, Louis MacNeice, Seamus Heaney and Michael Longley, as well as paintings by, among others, artists Jack Yeats, Paul Henry, Gerard Dillon and T. P. Flanagan. There will also be an opportunity to examine other visual media, such as film and cartography. Reading material will be provided weekly in advance. Classes will begin with a presentation on the life and work of a selected poet and artist, which will be followed by a seminar-style discussion to which everyone is warmly invited to contribute. Discussions will address a broad range of themes and ask some important questions: What are the traditional images used to represent Ireland? How is Irish history retold? How are the landscapes of Ireland represented? Is there a conflict between science and romanticism? What can the Arts tell us about the northern Irish “Troubles”? How distinct are Catholic and Protestant world views and cultures? Why is the West of Ireland a recurring theme for writers and artists? Join us to discover how Ireland has been represented in word and image from the romanticism of the late nineteenth century Irish Cultural Revival, to the new Irish identities forged by the end of the twentieth century. No previous knowledge is required.

Suitable for C1/C2 learners as well as for native speakers.

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